Double Falz Seamer by Buschmann



Maximum Material Thicknesses:

  • Steel/Painted Steel 0.028″, 24ga [0.7mm]
  • Stainless Steel 0.019″, 26ga [0.5mm]
  • Copper, Zinc, Aluminum 0.31″ [0.8mm]

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The Double Falz Seamer by Buschmann is the perfect hand-held tool for effortless seaming of both single-lock and double-lock panel profiles in a single pass.

NOTE: DRILL is shown in images for reference only and is not included. You must supply your own drill.


  • You can use the single-lock and double-lock operations separately
  • Can do a double seam lock in a single pass; no need to seam the single lock first
  • Change the machine to single lock only by simply removing the fourth and fifth forming rollers
  • Its possible to start the seaming process from the starting end of the roof panel without pre-seaming with hand seamers
  • The seaming process is easy to observe due to the open housing design
  • Operates with any cordless drill that produces at least 60 ftlbs of torque [80Nm]
  • No adjustment is required for different height roof panels starting at 1″ [25mm] tall
  • The fastest seaming machine in the world with seaming speeds of up to 100ft/min [30M/min]
  • Seaming Rollers are 2.36″ [60mm] for flatter seaming, avoiding metal scratching
  • Double Falz Seamer is attachable & detachable at any point along the roof panel seam (attachment mid-panel will require pre-seaming w/ hand seamers)
  • Lightweight at 11.6lbs [5.3kg] (without the cordless drill attached)
  • Includes a military-grade carrying case to protect the machine during transport and storage

image showing the double falz seamer in the starting position

Additional information

Weight 560 oz
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 8 in




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