Malco Mini-Brake MB48A


The Malco MB48A Mini-Brake is compact, portable at 72lbs and can make bends up to 135 degrees in a variety of sheet metal goods.



The Malco MB48A Mini-Brake is compact, portable and can make bends up to 135 degrees in a variety of sheet metal goods, including galvanized steel up to 22ga (0.86 mm). A beefed up 1/4″ plate steel apron and 4’0″ (1.22 m) sheet width capacity makes the Mini-Brake ideal for fabricating plenums or flashing at the job site. Its compact size makes the Mini-Brake suitable for use virtually anywhere on the job site. The extra wide feet offer stability even when operating on a truck tailgate. Legs can be purchased separately and are easily installed in the field.

  • A 1/4″ (6.4 mm) plate steel apron and adjustable strengthening ribs on anvil assure uniform bends across the width of material. Common 5/16″ coarse thread adjustment bolts on anvil are factory set, but are easily adjustable in the field if necessary.
  • Accommodates sheet metal up to 4’0″ (1.22 m) wide in any length. There is no fixed depth to contend with.
  • Versatile bending range accommodates compact fabrications as small as 4″ (102 mm) square.
  • The Mini-Brake also bends metal roofing components and roof flashing including steel, copper, zinc and aluminum.
  • Dual-direction, cam-over style clamps keep anvil secure in any position. This safety feature prevents anvil from free falling or creating a pinching hazard.


  • Minimum Hem Bending Depth: 1/2″ (12.7 mm)
  • Maximum Bending Width: 48″ (1.22 m)
  • Weight: 72 lbs (32.66 kg)

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Additional information

Weight 1360 oz
Dimensions 72 × 16 × 16 in




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