Mini-Plastic Pliers Seaming Tool #5020 from Buschmann


This mini version of the original Plastic Pliers is designed for use on curved roof panels, or in tight areas where the larger set won’t work.

Maximum seam width is 1/2″, and can be used on most common 1″ and 1-1/2″ standing seam profiles available in North America.

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Buschmann is now producing a shorter version of their original Plastic Pliers allowing hand seaming/crimping of curved standing seam profiles with a 1/2″ wide maximum top width.

This tool is a true 2-in-1 and will seam both the first stage (single-lock) and second stage (double-lock).

The replaceable plastic inserts grip the panel during seaming and also serve to protect painted surfaces from damage.

Easy to grip non-slip rubber handles make work easier and more ergonomic.

Additional information

Weight 95 oz
Dimensions 22 × 8 × 3.5 in


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