Rau 102 BG 500 Sheet Bending Jaw 91040000


The RAU 102 is used as a sheet metal bender for valleys and panel bending, creating seamless gutters, ducts at the job site easily.



The Rau 102 is used as a sheet metal bender, especially for valleys and panel bending. Very easily, you can create leak-proof, seamless gutters, ducts, high wall sheeting, wall connections, etc. all at the job site. Unlimited working length.

To use: Insert the metal into the jaws of the tool to the desired depth. There are stops on the sides of the tool starting at 2 1/2” and ending at 13 1/2”. Metal can be bent to a lesser depth but would need to be measured by hand. Once the metal is at the right depth, pull on the yellow handle and that will shut the jaws onto the metal securely. Lift up on the tool to bend your metal to the required depth.

Jaw Width: 19 5/8″
Jaw Depth: 31 1/2″
Tool Depth: 4 3/8″
Weight = 15 lbs

Max Thickness
24 gauge steel
20 oz copper

Durable baked epoxy finish. This product may have an extended lead time.

Additional information

Weight 256 oz
Dimensions 32 × 20 × 5 in




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