Rau 117 WDF Second Stage Hand Seamer 91170000


Twin Square Seam Folder 117 WDF is a “second-stage” or “double-lock” tool designed to be used after the 90? lock has been made.



The Rau 117 WDF is a “second-stage” or “double-lock” tool designed to be used after the 90° lock has been made. This tool bends the panel around to a 180° lock anytime a double lock is required, for example, when using an electric seamer. This tool requires that the seam be first prepped with a single lock tool.

Used in conjunction with the RAU 111 or 128.
Finishes the 2nd bend of the double lock standing seam in just one operation.
Used on seams that measure 1/2” across on the top leg.
Your hands never have to leave the tool when closing the seam and are also in a comfortable bending position. This results in maximum speed and efficiency when on the roof.

Tool Width – 8 1/2”
Overall length – 17”

RAU manufactures a variety of hand seamers for closing 1″ and 1-1/2″ standing seam metal roof panel profiles. All Rau hand seamers feature high quality steel tube and shape construction, fully welded and epoxy coated for strength and durability.



Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 6 in


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