Stubai No 2824 Drip Edge (Eaves) Bender


Easily bend a roof panel down 90 degrees with roof panel in place.

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Stubai’s No 2824 Drip Edge Bender is used to bend a prepared roof panel (roof panel ribs notched) down 90 degrees to ready the panel for closing/finishing under the drip edge/eave flashing.

The Drip Edge Bender simply slides over the prepared roof panel edge to the desired bend point, then as the handle is pulled upward and toward the drip edge, the tool clamps down on the metal, preventing slipping, and the panel edge can be turned down to 90 degrees.

how to use the stubai no2824 drip edge eaves bender

To finish the bend to 180 degrees, and close & lock the bend, consider using the Stubai No 2824 Drip Edge Seamer tool.


  • Can be used with roof panels in place on the roof
  • Steel Construction with powder coated finish for strength and durability
  • No-marring. The clamping design prevents slippage and scratching
  • Can be used with gutters in place in most cases

Additional information

Weight 60 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in



The Stubai Valley has been a good ground for the metal processing for centuries. Since 1960, the cooperative network guarantees to forging under the name "Stubai tool industry" for quality.
Mother of companies operating under the brand Stubai is the Stubai tool industry reg. Gen.m.b.H.